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Since opening the Law Office of Marc S. Kohnen in 2008, his high-profile cases have been featured and reported on by the national news media on CNN, HLN, MSNBC, Discovery Channel, TMZ, The View, A&E, among many other national channels & shows. In local news, attorney Marc Kohnen and his cases have been featured on San Diego CBS, ABC, NBC, and FOX affiliates.

Marc Kohnen has been quoted in national print media regarding his expertise and his cases have been featured in local newspapers such as the San Diego Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, Seattle Times, NY Post, in addition to national print publications such as the Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and USA Today.

Insurance companies and other large corporations may present a “David vs. Goliath” kind of situation to their subscribers when they file claims but Stop Health Insurance Denial is committed to holding them accountable for putting their profits ahead of the health and wellbeing of policyholders. We are here to help people understand complex insurance laws and their rights in insurance disputes. Our insurance lawyers help clients all over the U.S. with a wide range of insurance cases, including health, disability, life, liability, long-term care, fire loss, and bad faith insurance claims. Our focus in on cases involving denied and delayed insurance claims so we know the rules of the game quite well.

We provide diligent, ethical, and efficient advocacy to policyholders and claimants so as to maximize their recovery through our competent and creative legal services. Insurance law is a highly involved and complex practice area that requires a great deal of knowledge and resources to handle the case from beginning to end and obtain a favorable outcome for a client. We are on a mission to get justice for our clients, make real-life differences in their lives, and change the system so that other claimants will not needlessly travel the same road. Put simply, we are here to hold wrongdoers accountable and Stop Health Insurance Denial!

While we do our best to explore all avenues of dispute resolution when your claim has been delayed or denied, our attorneys are always prepared to take on those large corporations and insurance companies at trial. The fact that we are willing to go to trial if necessary increases the value of your case and our credibility. It’s a win-win, really! Whether your insurance company unfairly denied your claim, terminated your benefits unfairly, failed to promptly pay a legitimate claim in a timely manner, or misinterpreted your policy, we have your best interests top of mind and want to help you succeed. There’s nothing more fulfilling to us than working on behalf of our clients to obtain the payment they need and actually deserve.